Thursday, July 23, 2009

Twitter Tools

Since I have been spending so much time on twitter lately, just thought I would share a small list of free tools online that make using twitter a bit less crazy. At first I really didn't find twitter all too amazing, but once you follow the right people it gets almost addictive. So make sure to follow my twitter by clicking on the sidebar or search @WhizSearch. I'll be waiting Tweeple.

Mac Tools

Twitterrific – Pretty much does everything on twitter. just in a smaller form.

TwitterPost – easily post your tweets and display your current itunes track

Twitgit – Simple read and respond twitter app.

– widget to schedule tweets

Twitterlex – Widget to show your friends latest tweets

Twidget – allows you to update your twitter status.

TikiTwit – Matches your iChat status to your last tweet. not really sure why that's important.

Cross-platform Apps, Widgets and Plugins

Tweetr – apart from normal tweeting, you can upload files and shorten urls.

Spaz – twitter app with url shortener and sounds

Tweeter – can upload images and has a full screen display feature.

Twinja – Very versatile app allows for many different functions and multiple accounts

Let me know if you want me to post more stuff like this. Just vote below the post or comment. Thanks!

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