Thursday, July 23, 2009

Watches used to tell time

As time becomes more precious, the more reason there is to love watches. I like cool watches as most guys do. I never understood why there is that fascination with watches. I mean it's just this thing on your wrist that tells the time. In certain watches I appreciate the craftsmanship like the Swiss mechanism or great engineering. But most of the time I like watches when they look freaking awesome. I see them in the glass case and I want it. But then I try it on and it usually is too big for my wrist or just looks very strange. I came across this online watch store and I can't get enough. has all the brands and high res. photos. I will post up a few of my favorites below. I personally like the modern styles that aren't actually functional, but they look interesting. Because after all I have my cell phone to tell me the time. Duh!

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  1. Cool wrist gadgets..! love to buy them specially the middle one...Great Blog..! keep it up man.