Friday, July 24, 2009

Building your Website

Recently I have been looking into making my photography website, so I constantly search around to check my options. Most photographers out there have those really slick sites made with flash animation. At this point, as a photographer, you have to have a nice site. There are a few options out there:

1) Hire a web designer to create a unique site for you and then sit back and enjoy.

This is by far your best option, but it is the most costly way to do it. Generally getting a site professionally designed can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over 30,000. Your best bet is to search on sites for freelancers.

I recommend - A database of qualified freelancers in many fields This is a more budget friendly source to find cheaper help

2) Learn the skills and do it yourself.

This option basically depends on your patience and time. If you have some skills and want to build on them, then it can be worthwhile to take this route. Not only will you save money, but you will add to your arsenal of digital skills. There are plenty of resources online to help you learn.

3) Take the simple route and use a website builder.

Most web hosting services also offer a free website designer program to get you started. This is the cheapest and least exhausting way to go. The site posted here is just amazing.

Free Website Design - This is one of my recent online discoveries and was sent from above. It allows you to build a website using a simple drag and drop method. They have a bunch of themes that can be altered and also have flash based sites. If you choose to use the free account, then the site will have a simple banner along the bottom advertising really not a big deal. If you upgrade (and pay them) the ads are gone and you can use a personal domain. They take care of the hosting. This is one site I guarantee will become popular.

This is also how I created my header for the blog. just thought it was fun.

These were just a few steps to help get you thinking. comment below for any questions. thanks for reading.

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