Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Top 10 Most Hilarious Infomercials

Are you ready to laugh hysterically? Good, because that's what this post is all about. I have compiled here a collection of the funniest infomercials ever made. What really makes them funny is the ridiculous product which is being offered in each one. For some of the ones listed here, I truly wonder just how many were sold. I wish I knew because I'm sure those sale numbers are just as funny as the products themselves. So enjoy, but make sure not to watch them all at once or else you may experience over-laughing. As always let me know your thoughts.

Remember! These are all actual products that are actually being sold. Just a Reminder because some are hard to believe. Carry on.

I have no words for this one!

If Only I were an orange fuzzy bear. The fun I would have

This will you give you the shake you've always wanted.

Weight Loss Laziness began a long time ago...

Because people will NOT stare at you when you wear this. seriously. come on.

I only wish this was a required piece of furniture in every cubicle.

And to think that people actually intentionally came up with this name.

Really? REAAALLY? That's all my mind says when I watch this

It's also useful just incase you decide to become a serial killer. what a value

I told you it was painful to watch

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  1. Gene Simmons needs to learn better Armenian... her pronunciation is awful ;-)

  2. BTW, I cant believe these are real products...