Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Best Free Software of 2009

I am always on the lookout for free stuff and when I find it I always like to share. In this case I am referring to free software. After spending so much money on my computer and monthly internet fees, I may as well put some use to the bandwidth and download like there's no tomorrow. has recently listed 173 of the best free software of 2009 and here I will share with you my favorites . Why pay for Microsoft office when you can get something just as useful for nothing. My favorites are listed by category below.
If you are looking for software to download for free rather than free software, then there is a helpful link at the bottom of the post. (i.e. photoshop, office, corel paint...) I do not condone illegal software downloads, but I also am not a big fan of corporations either. As a disclaimer I will say that if you really use the software consistently, then consider purchasing.

Anyways, on to the list of Absolutely free and legal software. If you know of free software not listed here, please post a link in the comments. Enjoy.

This Has Been your find from the Search Whiz. Make Sure to Sign up for the blog and follow me on twitter. Trust me I do not disappoint!

Full list of 173 titles :

Circle Dock : (Windows) Places all of your desktop icons arranged in a circle. neat little app.

Quicksilver : (Mac) creates a desktop workflow.

Mojo (Win/Mac) : Allows you to connect directly to your friends music library and download audio files onto your computer.

Wavepad Sound Editor (Win/Mac/PPC/Linux) : Recording software with plenty of effects plugins. You can even install a Pocket PC version and edit on your phone.

Mozy: this is an online backup system for free. (up to 2 GB). Better than an external HD. uploads discreetly in the background.

ScribeFire (Win/Mac/Linux) : Firefox plugin that makes blog posting very simple.

Camino (Mac): It's like firefox with more of a Mac style.

DabbleBoard : (Web) Use it while conferencing as a virtual whiteboard.

DownloadThemAll : A firefox plugin manages multiple downloads at once.

Geni : (Web) Allows you to create your complete family tree online. really cool.

Springpad : (web) like an online notebook with ability to add pictures and maps. and then you can share with others.

Artweaver : (Win) Like a free version of Corel painter.

FlauntR : (Web) online photo editor made for all the social network sites.

Gimp : Probably the best free alternative for Photoshop

Pencil : (Win/Mac/Linux) Wonderful free software for starting in animation.

Buzzword (web): An online word processor

Google Doc (web) : googles online office suite

Open Office (Win/Mac/linux) : A Full Office Suite. very awesome.

Air Raider: (Mac) Great wi-fi utility for Mac. very versatile

Cam Studio: Screen Video Capture

HandBrake: DVD backup software

As For the Source For free Software. Stay away from file-sharing programs because these files are usually bugged. Instead try TehParadox . You will find anything you're looking for. It Surely does not disappoint.

Thanks For Reading. Feel Free to Share.

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