Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael Jackson's Complete Will

Michael Jackson's Death has had a huge effect on his fans and the music world. We have lost a legend and he will never be forgotten. For me personally, I will never listen to his songs the same way again. The news so far is that there will be a public memorial at the Staples Center at 10:00AM on Tuesday July 7.
My first interesting find on this topic is that there have been multiple people who have committed suicide because of Michaels death. You can read about this here : Fans Commit Suicide.

My main reason for posting this is because I have come across Michael Jackson's will. In case anybody was interested in reading the fine print. You can read it right below. either click the document link or use the full page or zoom buttons to get in close. I have read through it and here are the most interesting points.

1. Michael's Father, Joe Jackson, is left with nothing
2. MJ's Children will be under the custody of his mother
3. Secondary custody is granted to Diana Ross
4. MJ is leaving his Beatles music library rights to Paul Mcartney. Thus ending that feud.

Feel free to comment anything you want. I'd like to know what you think about the whole situation and MJ. Now Beat It and sign up for my blog for the sake of Michael .

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