Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blind photographers

I am a decent photographer and so are the group of people on the site I will share with you today. The only difference is they can't see because they're blind. is a site which showcases galleries of photos taken by some very talented photographers who are visually impaired. They all come from different backgrounds and have different reasons on how they lost their sight. Some of them can see to a certain degree which ranges from just seeing blobs of colors to only seeing dark and light shadow. This is truly amazing and inspires me as a photographer and as a person. I highly recommend browsing through the photos in their gallery or on flickr. I have no idea as to how they can achieve such awesome photos without really seeing what they are capturing.

This has been your photo find from the search whiz. If you have decent vision then click on the subscribe button . please
 by °Kristamas
 by jason.decamillis

Update!!!!!: Here is a wonderful mini documentary which includes interviews with three of these blind photographers.

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