Friday, July 3, 2009

Join a Fun Group

It's a beautiful summer and we should all be out having some fun. Sometimes when I find a hobby or interest, I have trouble finding people who share the same interest. After all doing something is much more fun with a group who enjoys it. Stop searching around and asking people you know if they want to do something you love. Just join and find a group right in your neighborhood.
This site is pretty well known, or so I thought. I'm surprised at the number of people who haven't heard of it. I searched for a photography group and found a dozen right in my area. They schedule photo shoots with models and full setups. It's fun and I can learn from others who are more experienced. My suggestions for groups are photography, hiking, running, board games. Just type in your interest and you will definitely come across at least a few groups. They even have a polyamory group in SoCal. I swear I didn't search it up it just came up on the home page. LOL. Let me know if you join any groups, cause others may be interested.

This has been you daily find from the search whiz. Now go do something and thank me by signing up for the blog.

Just To get you started, these are some groups in my area:

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