Saturday, July 4, 2009

You Are Being Spied on By the FBI

Prepare to be scared out of your mind. This may be old news to you, but this is a reminder for everybody that YOU are being spied on without even knowing a damn thing. If you own a cellphone, then anybody can listen in on what you're doing. And guess what? The FBI can use the microphone inside your cell to listen to you at anytime, even when your phone is turned off. The only way to be safe is to remove the battery.
Anybody can go to and listen in on any cell phone number. Not only that, but they can see your text messages, emails, and anything els that is transmitted to and from your phone. It would only cost you $249 dollars per year to spy on anybody. You can listen to every word and snore, day and night. This is ridiculous and only reminds me of the novel "1984". Watch these videos to get a better understanding of how it works and what is going on. BEWARE !! It's things like this that just make me want to move to a remote island in the middle of nowhere and actually have freedom. I don't like bullshit freedom. I don't think anybody does. Let me know your thoughts on this, and feel free to write freely.

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And By The Way Happy Independence Day, WooHoo!

Good video to take some precautions

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