Saturday, June 20, 2009

Your Own Library of Books. Free!

I am a book lover and love to read a good story, which is why I own hundreds of books all over the house. Well I realize that there are countless books, but alas only so much room in my house. So recently I have acquired an e-book reader which stores thousands of books that I can read on the same little screen. I have the sony prs-500 which is quite a fun device and makes reading a book very interesting. Of course the first thing I had to do was find a source for free e-books because I don't like paying ten bucks for a digital file that cost the publisher nothing. At first I found torrents, file-sharing , etc.. (basically illegal sources). These had current books, but there is the hassle of making sure it's virus free or if the file works. So I kept searching and I found a source with over 25,000 free e-books. Not only that, but you can download the files in 10 different formats for your device. This is completely legal because the books on this site are public domain meaning that they're old. But this includes all famous authors, playwrights, poets. It's called . Everything is categorized and easily searchable. They even have banned books. I found books that I would have never discovered if not for this site. So go ahead and download a book or a thousand. It's legal and a good read. Feel free to post some recommendations.

This has been your daily find from the search whiz. Sign up for the blog because like these books, I need readers.

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  1. This makes reading in bed at nights convenient. Two thumbs up on this one, cybervanig.