Sunday, June 14, 2009

Never-Ending Online Games

So today my friends and I had a group yard sale in order to sell a bunch of stuff we had no use for anymore. The one conclusion I can come to is that most people are so cheap that even getting things for free costs too much. If anybody needs 50 free keyboards please let me know.

On to something completely irrelevant , I love wasting hours of time online playing online games. And there are a lot of them. A lot. A huge amounts of sites produce all these fun little games as time wasters for people who need something to do when there's nothing to do. Well, if you like these games or even if you don't, either way you will like this site. is a site full of endless games. Some of the games are developed by the site, but most of them are collected from the tons of other game developer sites. All in one place. (this is where you hear angelic voices). If you want, you can make a free profile on the site and as you play more games you collect points by completing achievements. The points are completely pointless, I still haven't figured out what the heck they're for even though I have over 2000. I'm guessing their purpose is to make you feel like you're not REALLY wasting time. Take a visit to the site and then come back and post up your favorite games.

These two are my completely pointless favorites. I guarantee you that after playing these two games, you will want to play them again.

1) Doeo . just quickly drag your mouse through as many pink things as you can. Trust me you will find it very amusing.

2) Music catch 2. Simple as hell, but a great time waster with good music.

This has been your random daily find from the search whiz. Don't play games with me, just subscribe!!
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