Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Urinals from Around the World

I did mention that sometimes my findings will be very strange, and this one ranks right up there. My girlfriend just moved into a new house and her family has been doing a lot of remodeling so I searched around for her to find some good deals on appliances. I did not expect to come across a site like . A website where people can post pictures of urinals from anywhere in the world. Having a blog called WHIZ search, it seemed fitting to post this. Have you ever wondered how people pee in the Taj Mahal? well wonder no more cause you can see it here. LOL. And this is not just for the guys, because they have female urinals too. I would post pictures, but Ill let you go check them out. There are a ton of pictures. This is the kind of site that is sick, yet irresistible to visit. I suggest looking through the ones from countries which are foreign to you because those are the ones that are very interesting. Like this one from the village of Jaiharikahl, India.

Although funny in nature these urinals serve as a reminder of how lucky many of us are to have cleaner facilities. And they also show that different countries have different views on public bathrooms. like in the town of Pujaut, France. ... I assume people are Extremely friendly. Let me know if you can confirm this assumption. :)

Well enjoy and resist the urge to go to the bathroom. This has been your sick and random find from the search whiz ( no pun intended) . Subscribe if you go to the bathroom!

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