Sunday, June 7, 2009

Search Engine Alternatives

Recently you may have seen commercials for Microsoft's version of a search engine called This supposedly is different and not just a search engine, but please check it out and search something and you will realize it IS just a search engine. I will admit maybe it has a cleaner look and nicely organized, but its just like google in every other sense. You can put a dress on a horse, but it's still a horse in the end, right?   

So being a devoted searcher myself, I have come across two very different methods of searching that very few people know about. These two search sites I am posting are completely different and will change the way you search. Trust me on this one. The first is EYEPLORER and works like the brain does. Whatever you search for brings up a bunch of branches related to the topic and leads you down different pathways. These groups of paths are divided into a colorful pie-chart with slices in categories such as : people, society, science, work, organization, etc.   From this chart of options you can continually drag your findings under your original search to deepen your search. You have to try it out to understand cause it gets quite intricate. 
Eyeplorer Overview in English by Philippe Boukobza.
Moving on

The second search method is something completely different and never before seen. In fact it was only released a month ago. Presenting WOLFRAM ALPHA (computational knowledge engine). This is like having an instant encyclopedia with a mind of its own. I know the name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but hey it works. You can type in practically anything from any category and it finds information about it from every angle possible. In a sense it creates an automatic "wikipedia" page for your search. Examples include: people, city, stock, dates, size, etc...  to take things to the next level it makes it possible for you to enter in mathematical and chemical formulas.  Being a biology major myself, I can't tell you how helpful this can be. I have a feeling this site is going to be HUGE once it catches on. I would bet money on it. 

So there you go. You are no longer confined to Google and Yahoo and there are plenty more out there. Check them out and let me know your opinions.

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