Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blind boy can see. Amazing! must see to believe!

Today I have something inspirational to share. I have a keen interest in eyes which is why I want to become an optometrist. I believe that miracles happen all the time and the impossible is always possible. This video is about a boy, named Ben Underwood, who is blind, but doesn't need help getting around or finding things. He uses echolocation to see his surroundings. yea like a bat or a dolphin does. It is something that has to be seen to be believed. This is inspiring and just plain astounding. You'll see what I mean. I have posted here five videos which are parts of a documentary about this boy. I am sad to say that this inspiring sixteen year old passed away earlier this year due to a recurrence of his cancer, but I am sure he served as inspiration to others to realize that everything is possible. God bless you Ben.

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