Thursday, June 4, 2009

Save Money at Restaurants

Hello to the three people who will read this blog. I'm back from San Francisco. Well I actually got back on monday night, but why does it matter anyways. So to make up for it, I am posting two special finds. Here is the first:

So after dining in restaurants all weekend in San Francisco, I needed to find a cheaper way to eat out. The obvious alternative is fast food, but I wanted to focus on restaurants. Even todays casual dining place (Bj's , Tony Romas, Chilis, etc. ) are pretty pricey with dishes averaging around 12 bucks. Add a coke for 2.50 and the tip and you just spent 16 dollars to eat a meal. What a damn rip off. I was searching for restaurant coupons and found something even better. Imagine paying 10 dollars and getting 25 in return. It sounds too good, but this is what the site is about. I entered my zip code and found participating restaurants who are willing to have me pay ten dollars and in return give me 25 dollars worth of food. These are all in the form of a gift certificate which are emailed to you.  I even found a discount code for half off which means I got a $25 gift certificate for 5 bucks. yea. 5 dollars. eat that subway! There is slight catch to using the gift certificate, but its reasonable. There is a minimum purchase ranging from 20 to 50 dollars. If you go to dinner with 3 or more people, the bill usually adds up to around 50 anyways. so this is a great way to save at lot of restaurants. search up your zip. go for it.

We've saved our customers have saved over $75 Million. How much will you save?

This has been one of your random daily finds from the search whiz. Subscribe please!!!!

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