Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Want Your Photos in a Gallery? Join This Project.

I like to think of myself as a decent photographer and hope for the day that I can have a few prints hanging in a gallery somewhere. Well here's my chance to have 24 pictures in a gallery. kinda. 
Art house Co-op is a great website where artists come together and can participate in organized projects. It is an awesome site to explore and find some fun projects, but going back to the main point of this post, there is a very huge project that anybody can participate in. It is called "A Million Little Pictures" and gives a thousand people the opportunity to fill up a disposable camera with 24 pictures and have them hanging in a gallery (even though it will be next to 23,976 other peoples pictures) . Just go and sign up for the project and you will receive a disposable camera in the mail, then go out and take pictures of pretty much anything that documents your life. It costs $18 bucks to join, which is not bad considering a disposable camera is around 9 dollars and the other nine gets your pictures hanging in an art gallery. Once satisfied, have the prints developed as 4x6 prints and send back to the project organizers. check the site for all the details. 
I've already signed up and am proud to say California has the most sign ups meaning that we get to host one of the exhibitions.

This has been your Random finding of the day from the Search Whiz. Sign up on the right-->

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