Sunday, May 24, 2009

Make Friends With A Local Prisoner

We all know that our prisons are packed with inmates, but it can get lonely for a murderer. After all, the only people around them are more criminals. So here is a way for anybody on the outside to keep in touch with a prisoner. I'm trying to find out if this is a dating website or a penpal site because the home page says "Lonely Attractive Inmates in the USA Seek Penpals". I wasn't aware that the non-attractive prisoners were content in their solitude. I was watching an episode of CSI when they showed a similar site and was curious to see if something like that existed. And of course somebody thought it was a great idea. Because there aren't enough single people outside prison walls. Attractive? Maybe? without the prison tattoos and criminal record .There's a range of ages for everybody.

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Part of me thinks this is funny, but then again, when you look through the pages of inmates posting their profiles, they actually seem like normal people. prison. Hey if you feel like doing something different today. Write a letter to an inmate or better yet date one.

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