Sunday, July 19, 2009

World's Strongest Vagina

Breaking world records has always been the dream of many people. You know like, stuffing the most olives in ones mouth, longest continuous time standing on one's head. But this one is quite a bit different . Quite a bit.

This is Tatiana Kozhevnikova, She is the World Record holder for having the strongest vagina. Surprisingly she is 42 years old and can lift 31 pounds of weights with, you know, her vagina. It is not shocking that she is Russian because after all those Russians know how to have a good time. What is shocking is the story of how she started doing this. Here it goes. After she had a baby, she read about how to tighten things back up. She learned that ancient women used to use wooden balls as exercise equipment for this purpose. Not having access to wooden balls, Tatiana found the next best thing. Glass balls. So she shoved one up and started a daily routine workout which I guess went a little overboard and turned her Vajajay into Super Vajajay. Luckily, you don't have to visualize this because there is a video (don't worry it's clean). It's just kinda freaky thinking about the fact that this woman can swing a small child just by pure clenching strength. Really damn weird.

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