Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Much are You Worth?

Today is my birthday, July 14. I turned 23 years old. It's not exactly old, but it's starting to fall out of the range of young. Stuck in the middle. I had those few minutes of feeling worthless so I just typed it into the search engine at swagbucks.com. The first result shown was a site called humanforsale.com . Naturally I clicked on it. Turns out it's this quick form you fill out to "determine" how much you are worth in a monetary value. I am worth $2,461,800.00 dollars. Are there any buyers out there? Because that would be freaking awesome. At this point instead of feeling worthless, I again felt like a high school loser who actually spent time filling this out. LOL. Hey it's worth checking out. Considering how the economy is looking, we may have to resort to this value system when all we have left to sell are ourselves. This site also has a bunch of other links to interesting quiz things aimed more for adults rather than teenagers. So when you're bored at work or home, here is your time killer.

This has been your daily find from the now older Search Whiz. I am now officially wiser than yesterday. If you would like to get me a birthday gift then feel free to send me $2,461,800 or if you prefer then just sign up to my blog and tell a friend while you're at it. As always thanks for reading. I promise to keep them coming!


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