Saturday, June 27, 2009

Instruments and Music From Another World

As a musician I love trying new instruments and learning to play them. I mainly play the piano, then I picked up a guitar, and recently I got myself a drum set. I like to keep things interesting, so now I am considering playing the Bowafridgeaphone. It sounds strange mainly because it IS strange. Here I thought that all the instruments we have are just fine, but some people aren't satisfied and cannot control their creative side. And now you can see all of their creations at complete with sound samples. Most of them are wacky re-creations of existing instruments, but some are just unheard of like the Bikelophone. I highly recommend at least looking at the pictures of these instruments because it may just inspire you to come up with one of your own. Post up some of your favorites in the comments.

This has been your daily find from the search whiz. Now enjoy the sounds of the stamenphone as you sign up for my blog.

Wheelharp, inspired by the Hurdy Gurdy and Geigenwerk

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